Johanna (linnetbird) wrote,

She still saw the ghost of him in the familiar places, in their childhood haunts and sites of romantic interludes. A man with reddish hair and a scruffy beard would walk towards her with a gentle gleam in his eye and her heart would sink to her toes, and in the space of a minute she'd feel overwhelming joy and dread all at once. The longer the time passed that she didn't see him, the more fearful she became of an accidental meeting. Instead of an ex-boyfriend, he became more like a terrifying phantom that could show up at any time to ruin her delicately constructed happiness.

Finally, one day, it happened, in the most sacred of places. She was browsing through the Psychology section of the bookstore in Glenwood, when she realized someone was watching her. Assuming it was another man invading her personal space, she tossed her ponytail flippantly and continued reading.
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